Buy kitchen appliances online at XXLhoreca.
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Buy kitchen appliances online at XXLhoreca.

Catering kitchen appliances from XXLhoreca

The stylish and durable kitchen appliances from XXLhoreca is suitable for all kinds of applications, the large catering kitchens in hotels and restaurants, to the cuisine of the individual. With us you will find all kinds of A-brand kitchen appliances for a very crystallized value including a handy contact grill, a convection oven, a single or double crepe griddle or waffle iron handy. All XXLhoreca kitchen is made of high quality materials so that the kitchen is easy to keep clean. In XXLhoreca you will only find the latest sustainable kitchen.

More information about the XXLhoreca kitchen
Convection ovens are generally used in a professional kitchen every day. In XXLhoreca choose from various leading brands electric convection ovens and a wide range convection ovens with steam function or fluid injection. Convection Ovens XXLhoreca works just like the classic gas ovens by heating the upper and lower walls. Depending on the use and the dishes to prepare for hot-air ovens may be a choice to be made. From these two main types of And just like a convection oven is a contact grill for example, a useful device to have, whether you're in a big hotel kitchen cooking or in your own kitchen at home in the house. Fat-free grilling and baking belongs to excellence in the modern kitchen today. XXLhoreca offers you different types contactgrills with ribbed or smooth griddles. In addition, a number of contactgrills provided with a splined grill plate at the top and a flat grill plate at the bottom.

Handy crepe griddle or waffle iron for your kitchen
Our wide range of crepe griddles and waffle irons is replenished every month with new brands and other innovative products for large and small kitchen. XXLhoreca offers gas and electric crepe griddles that are both economical to use and can be prepared in the kitchen very compact.
Learn more about the convenient XXLhoreca kitchen? Please contact our catering experts via 075-6151433.

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