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Thermal containers online at XXLhoreca

With a thermal container, Thermobox or banqueting trolley of XXLhoreca, transports you hot food without the cooling or the taste or freshness of the produce is lost. Ideal for the effective work of catering companies or delivery of hot food at home. Due to the high thermal insulation values, these containers also suitable for the proper cold holding of food or beverages.


Also, for the delivery of hot pizzas XXLhoreca offers special thermal containers, such as the solid heater box of Diamond (possibly to be supplied to the vehicle kit). The heater box of Hendi is fully implemented in EEP (expanded polypropylene with high insulation) suitable for transporting both hot and cold foods. All thermal containers and transport boxes of XXLhoreca come standard with the maximum guarantee within 72 hours and can be delivered throughout the Netherlands.

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