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Slow Cooker Online at XXLhoreca

The slow cookers of XXLhoreca preserve soups, sauces and other dishes more flavor and nutrients. Spend slowly temperature of food, there will be little evaporation and means you do not have extra water or broth to add to your slow cooker.

The handy inner each of XXlhoreca slow cooker is also very easy to keep clean. Slow Cookers of XXLhoreca come from famous brands such as Bartscher , manufacturers always have to come first cooking convenience and ergonomic operation.

A good example of a cleverly designed slow cooker is our Bartscher slow cooker which is fitted as standard with a perforated insert ceramic and a simple on-off control. This oval slow cooker has a handy transparent lid so that the cooking time can be easily controlled in time. With a content of more than 5 liters, this is a slow cooker that can be used before each meal.

XXLhoreca offers attractive discounts on slow cookers 1.5, 5.5 and 6.5 liters, discounts up to 25%. Each slow cooker is within 48 hours available throughout the Netherlands. With the included XXLhoreca guarantee of no less than one year you can be sure that you have a very robust and tested slow cooker.

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