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Mobile Containing mobile Signs Stacking of XXLhoreca

XXLhoreca supplies more than 80 different types of unheated and heated plates handling of the brand Mobile Containing and fully customizable units. This leading brand in mobile functionality stack is the right manufacturer to have lasting plates handling with long life. Also provides our range and our excellent relationship with Mobile Containing you at least 17% off. The question is; what signs stacker for your organization or kitchen the most appropriate?

Determine choice of Mobile Containing signs stacker
How much capacity do you need? What signs measure is applied to your standard and you want to move the heated plates? These are perhaps the most important choice arguments. Would you choose a standard plates stacker Mobile Containing or do you really need a customized signs stacker?

With a stack height of 62 cm, the mobile Mobile Containing signs Stacker 2 THSU-MS / G suitable for most catering kitchens and operating environments. This heated plates stacker has four sturdy casters and convenient corner bumpers for small accidents. The unit is supplied with the maximum supplier warranty of 1 year. Learn more about our plates handling of Mobile Containing or do you need help with your choice? Contact XXLhoreca 075-6151433 during office hours or send an Email to info@xxlhoreca.com .

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