Dim Sum Stomers

The best quality Dim Sum Stomers orders you at XXLhoreca!

Are you a lover or a professional in Asian cuisine? The Dim Sum stomers of XXLhoreca are ideal for steaming dishes in a traditional way. With our Dim Sum stomers, you'll get the best Dim Sum dishes ready. These Dim Sum processors are made of maintenance-friendly stainless steel and also feature a beautifully finished worksheet. Order now and save 17% on the total price of your Dim Sum Stomer! Of course, your stomer is supplied with the manufacturer's maximum manufacturer's warranty.

The Dim Sum Stomer 24 liter with Saro manufacturer's lowercase is a nice entry-level model if you want to provide your kitchen with a drier of above average quality. This stomer also has a spacious storage box for Dim Sum baskets or kitchen utensils. The ease of use, ergonomic design and ease with which this stomer can be cleaned are just a few of the advantageous features of this dim sum stomer.

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