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Sustainable Alto Shaam refrigeration of XXLhoreca

Although the release of this page is little refrigeration Alto Shaam shown, that may change soon. For Alto Shaam is a very well-known brand in catering country when it comes to sustainable and modern refrigeration units, coolers and refrigerated buffet cars. Alto Shaam cooling equipment is energy efficient and always beautifully finished in high-quality precious metals. Ale Alto Shaam refrigeration of XXLhoreca is particularly attractively priced and can be ordered with large discounts on the original purchase price!

The cold buffet car 1000 MR2-1 Alto Shaam is a large refrigerator on wheels and is ideally suited for transporting refrigerated food. The buffet car enjoys convenient bumpers on the sides so that accidents do not coincide in the paper. The whole construction of this refrigerator is carried out in strong and well-polished stainless steel. Learn about the Alto Shaam refrigeration of XXLhoreca or specifically these refrigerated buffet car? Call our customer service 075-6151433 or email us via info@xxlhoreca.com .

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