XXLhoreca delivers warming equipment for the kitchen.

XXLhoreca delivers warming equipment for the kitchen.

Functional warming equipment XXLhoreca

XXLhoreca offers a wide range of functional warming equipment, a handy percolator for making a good stock of coffee or a handy hot water dispenser that allows you to keep. Mulled wine or hot chocolate prolonged warm And what about our stock multicolored thermos, made of plastic or stainless steel, with or without a smart pump system or a glass liner. We offer warming equipment from well known brands such as Bart and Cher Casselin with a sleek design and convenient energy.

More on the handy warming equipment XXLhoreca
Are you looking for a percolator with a large or small capacity or simply a stainless steel specimen that still lasts for years? In XXLhoreca will find plenty of percolators of various sizes, with small or larger capacity. All of the products of well-known A-brands of proven quality. Percolatortechniek and producing hot water dispensers is ubiquitous in all facets of the hospitality, but also know individuals now to find the way. These handy devices Tea Dispensers in beautiful shapes of the brand Bartscher or a complete glühweinpan, all warming equipment XXLhoreca offers a one year warranty and the product is to be delivered within 48 hours. Is important to ensure that this kind of hot water dispensers, percolators but thermos periodically need to be descaled. XXLhoreca also offers convenient ontkalkpakketten to make this kind. Kitchen quickly and professionally clean

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