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Water Softener Dispenser | filters

XXLhoreca -ontharders water filters and water dispensers

Convenient such a water dispenser! Your staff found it always a good idea to have chilled water in the office or on the shop floor. And they of course expect that the water is nice and clear and does not contain too much salt, chlorine or other blurring minerals. The best way to keep your water clean is a filter cartridge from BRITA. They are to be connected to each water dispenser or water cooler and good for thousands of liters of purified water. Plug & play water purification at a low price so XXLhoreca!
The activated carbon filtration system and water softener Purity C AC Type C1000 AC filters equal chlorine and ultra-small particles from the water and is good for 10,000 liters per cartridge. Wondering whether to join this filter on your water cooler or -dispenser? Ask our customer service. Send your Email info@xxlhoreca.com or call our customer service at 075-6151433.

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