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XXLhoreca water filters and -ontharders for vending machines

You are a water vending machine or any other vending machine? Have you ever thought about what hard water does to your machine? Salt affected, just like your washing machine at home, internal components and ensures the life of your machine a piece is shortened. Prevent problems with "hard water" and install a handy water filter from BRITA, the supplier of smart 'plug & play' purification accessories. Want to know if your water is too hard? At XXLhoreca Alternatively a test kit to order so you can see immediately whether you need a filter.
The decarbonisation softener PURITY C Quell ST Type C50 is suitable for vending machines in every catering, gastronomy and hospitality area. Each cartridge is good for at least 960 liters of decarbonised water. This filter is of course available with spacious XXLkorting of 10% on the original supplier price! Wondering whether to join this filter is your vending machine? Ask our customer service. Send your Email or call our customer service at 075-6151433.

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PURITY C Finest | Brita Water softener | Type C500 | for Coffee / Vending
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