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XXLhoreca water filters and -ontharders for dishwashers

The professional catering environment is not possible without a good utility room. The biggest risk is too "hard" water can cause damage to crockery but also affects components in your dishwasher or by sliding dishwasher. To remedy this quickly XXLhoreca offers various filters for thorough softening dishwasher water. Easily replaceable filter cartridges so you can replace again if needed.   The Purity 1200 Clean cartridge for dishwashers is an effective way to purify 12,000 liters of water thoroughly. This filter is always to build in between your pipe and dishwashing water inlet and is now available with 6% dealer discount! Wondering whether to join this filter is your vaatwasapparatuur? Ask our customer service. Send an email to or call our customer service at 075-6151433.

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