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Combi ovens Softeners | filters

XXLhoreca water filters and -ontharders for combi ovens

Combis are fantastic devices to make dishes 'taste' yarn. Each combisteamer now has a modern system to allow water to evaporate at high temperature. And precisely during evaporation of 'hard water' salt particles can settle on sensitive components. The water softeners of XXLhoreca reduces this risk significantly so that the inner housing and all components remain in top condition.

The decarbonisation softener PURITY C Quell ST (type C50 ) is suitable for filtering water in coffee and espresso machines, vending machines for hot and cold drinks, combi ovens and ovens. The filter cartridge is easily interchangeable. This softener is from BRITA, a well-known manufacturer of filtration systems and water treatment technology and is now available with a minimum of 10% dealer discount.

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