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XXLhoreca and water filters - softeners for coffee machines

You have bought a wonderful expresso machine for thousands of euros and you want to use it for a long time? Caution hard water! Water with a high salt content can damage components in coffee machines. Just as you protect your home washer from hard water, you can also take the necessary steps in your trade area. A relatively inexpensive and is easy to realize a means to obtain a water filter or water filter cartridge. The filters and cartridges can really use every coffee.

The decarbonisation Water Softener Gusto Type 100 for coffee machines is an effective way as much as 100 liters of water thoroughly to 'decarbonise'. Easy to build into each and coffee from BRITA, a renowned manufacturer of high quality filtration and cleverly designed 'plug & play' water treatment technology.

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PURITY C Finest | Brita Water softener | Type C500 | for Coffee / Vending
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