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Top Quality Cleaning Cloths for cleaning, order quickly XXLhoreca

Are you looking for good quality Cleaning Cloths for your catering kitchen or catering? At XXLhoreca find strong "non woven" Cleaning Cloths in various colors and with very high discounts as high as 20%. In contrast to the conventional manufacture of a textile fabric so no thread is used, but it is the material directly as a fiber or filament made into a web and then bonded together. This promotes par excellence, the strength of the material. Our Cleaning Cloths can be ordered in minimum order of 10 units x25, but if you want to create a larger stock, it is also possible! To order as pink "non woven" Cleaning Cloths, yellow or blue. Within 48 hours, you have all these Cleaning Cloths and other hygiene products ordered by you already have at home.

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