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Cleaning products of XXLhoreca for professional kitchen and private use

See XXLhoreca cleaning products like mops handy, mobile mop buckets, special brushes and more beautiful for the big or small cleanup.

In XXLhoreca you will find all kinds of ergonomic cleaning tools and cleaning products of the highest quality, suitable for any hospitality environment, and every household.  

Cleaning products and cleaning tools XXLhoreca

With our handy Household Wagon Deluxe gets you a handy trolley at home that you can use at their discretion for any major or minor cleaning job. But if you want to tackle it simply can our mobile mop bucket cleaning application a lot easier. In addition to tools and cleaning products for wet cleaning, you will find at XXLhoreca also competitively priced vacuum cleaners and handy broom bristles.


All of our cleaning products are extensively tested for durability and ease of use are made ​​from high quality plastics. Moreover XXLhoreca are cleaning tools available in various colors so you per room buckets and other tools can identify them. All of our detergents and cleaning products in the Netherlands to deliver within 48 hours.

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