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Good quality of XXLhoreca extinguishers for home and any hospitality environment

Are you looking for a compact, modern and easy to handle fire extinguisher where the next few years no longer need to look for? XXLhoreca in order to quickly and cost-modern fire extinguishers and fire blankets of very good quality. All our fire extinguishers are certified according to current standards and can be ordered at a very attractive price. You use these extinguishers at home, office or in your own hospitality area. If possible, you do not need them, but it's always nice and sometimes necessary to have a good fire extinguisher in the house.

Fire safety guaranteed, fire extinguishers of XXLhoreca

A fire blanket is a handy tool to quickly extinguish smaller fires. In all catering kitchens offer a blanket also the advantage of being without too many operations and preparations can be used. The blanket can be hung in a central location so that, should that be necessary, it can always be used quickly. With a fire extinguisher with spray foam ensures that even the larger fires can be fought. All our fire extinguishers are provided with the necessary approvals and meet all safety standards.  

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Blanket - Wall mounting
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