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Winterhalter glass washing machines online at XXLhoreca

The main feature of an A-brand glass washing machine is speed, delivered hygiene and unsurpassed efficiency. The glass need not even be nagewreven endlessly afterwards. That is to design the strong point of the Winterhalter glasswashers, leave it on our German eastern neighbors to a machine that is durable, energy efficient services are proving every day and just saves a lot of time. These machines also feature a perfectly designed water filtration system that desalinated water thoroughly. This industrial glass rinsing machines are therefore eminently employable in the professional kitchen.

The glasswasher UC-XL Winterhalter has three separate wash cycles so you can tailor for example, can set a program for wine glasses and other glassware. In addition to full vendor warranty of one year and the fixed high discount of up to a whopping 16% of the original purchase price, XXLhoreca offers you a convenient installation service for the Winterhalter glass washing machines. More on that can be read on our dishwasher service page .

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