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Winterhalter tools washers XXLhoreca

Whether it is for larger tool used in professional bakers or butchers, or tools used in the professional kitchen, the industrial 'tools dishwashers' Winterhalter offer space, speed, unsurpassed hygiene and efficiency. The folding doors unlock and facilitate the cleaning of the machines. In addition, the housing and the water filtering is such that also at higher temperatures and with desalted water thoroughly rinsed can be very clean so that the tool remains behind.

The tooling machine UF-XL Winterhalter baskets are placed with an inner diameter of 1305x672mm. The internal stainless steel housing is completely seamless, dirty water has no effect inside rooms on hygiene. The folding doors provide quick movement of hives and the machine features a convenient automatic commissioning. UF vaatwasserie Winterhalter can be used in all industrial and craft production environments (restaurants, bakery and butcher shop) and are now available with significant XXLkorting!

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