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Best Winterhalter dishwashers order from XXLhoreca

Compact, very easy to operate and programmable with various wash programs, hygienic and multifunctional. Of fragile porcelain to robust melamine, all dishes which ends up in the professional catering, bakery or butcher's kitchen is the industrial dishwashers from Winterhalter rinsed quickly and efficiently, up to 50 baskets per hour. The clear displays progress bar and the perfect wash water filtration for thorough water desalination, are a few of the characteristics of this high-quality industrial dishwashers.

The dishwasher UC-XL Winterhalter is suitable for pots of 50 x 50 or 50 x54 cm. XXLhoreca provides this dishwasher including full vendor warranty of 1 year. You can also let us install the dishwasher. Besides the regular high discounts on our Winterhalter dishwashers is our siting and installation service an additional benefit when you order your dishwasher through our webshop.

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