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No more polishing or rubbing - The unsurpassed Winterhalter cutlery washers XXLhoreca

The polishing of cutlery, crockery and glasses, after completion of an efficient and hygienic wash the cutlery washers from Winterhalter, no longer needed. This professional cutlery washing machines feature a high quality wash water filtration system that removes water from the smallest salt particles. That means placing pots and cutlery store soon and prepare it for use. The cutlery washers from Winterhalter are used in every professional kitchen or intensive production.

The Cutlery washer UC-XL Winterhalter has an intuitive display and user-friendly operation. The full stainless steel interior makes for a very durable and intensive use dishwasher. In addition to full vendor warranty of one year and the fixed high discount of up to a whopping 16% of the original purchase price, XXLhoreca offers you a convenient installation service. Read more about this on our service page dishwasher .

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