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Order useful accessories for all industrial Winterhalter dishwashing

Some dishwashers from Winterhalter not have a built-in water softener. But even if you get supplied water is excessive chalk, a water softener may be needed. On this page you will find various models softeners that can be easily attached to your Winterhalter dishwasher and are ideal to desalinate large quantities of water.

The water softener DuoMatik 3 Winterhalter is built on sturdy wheels and easy to move. The softener used the so-called ionuitwisselingsprincipe. Upon ion exchange calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. The calcium is removed, what remains is 'soft water' much less an attack on vaatwaspompen or lines and also constitutes a super clean dishes without any stop.

The water softeners of XXLhoreca are available with fixed supplier warranty and high XXLkorting! At each water softener is indicated for the vaatwasapparatuur Winterhalter this is appropriate.

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