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Buy Baby Care Table online at XXLhoreca

The XXLhoreca baby care tables are easy to attach to any wall and can be easily folded out and folded. It can be a great service for guests with children. This allows the little ones to be changed in a designated space.

Baby care tables are usually used in hotels, in spaces adjacent to the hotel lobby, in restaurants and bars.  

Foldable, easy-to-maintain and easy to assemble baby table

In addition to the correct height, a baby care table must also be thoroughly cleaned. The use of high-quality plastics makes cleaning this baby care table easy to realize. Special attention has been paid to avoiding sharp corners and other protrusions, the entire baby care table is designed child-friendly.

Although our range of baby care tables is not yet exhaustive, you can contact the XXLhoreca Service Desk if you have specific questions about this type of products or if you are looking for a specific baby care table model.


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