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Stylishly designed hand dryers and other hygiene-enhancing products for the hospitality industry

Our hygiene enhancement products ranging from hand driers to insecticides and paper dispensers to water softeners. Hygiene is an issue for you as a bar owner is always on the agenda - hand dryers or other items never are indeed a luxury in the hospitality - so you can always order quickly and easily the most user-enhancing hygiene catering equipment via XXLhoreca. You will find, for example, Dyson hand dryers and dishwashers convenient indexing, but also we can offer customized advice if you are looking for a particular hygiene product or if you just want to order. Most efficient hand dryer Sometimes you just compare the customer for a too long or unwieldy thing. In that case, our service representatives 24/7 waiting for you to tell you about the hygiene-enhancing products we offer you everything.

Hygiene for the large and small catering kitchen
The hygiene for catering companies has implications for all kinds of processes and activities, from procurement to storage and disposal of cleaning and disinfection. Catering If you want to be confident that the products you bet within your business, helping to keep your business. Clean and in running Hand dryers where you get warranty and flush valves which are available within 24 hours. You keep your catering business in business by buying from a company with fast delivery and friendly customer service. Products And if possible, a party that knows little of hygiene than the average cleaner. XXLhoreca offers only well tested hygiene enhancing products from recognized manufacturers. The are all A-brands in the field of catering hygiene.

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