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Bain Marie | 2 x GN 1/1 + 2 x 1/3 GN | Gas | With Mount | 6kW | 900x1100x (h) 850mm

€3.249,00 €2.707,00 Excl. tax €3.275,47 Incl. tax Bespaar €542,00 (17%)
Article number: DIg11/bma9
Availability: In stock
Delivery time: 24/48 uur
Garantie: 1 jaar on this product
Promotion from:15/11/2017 Untill 21/11/2017
General Features:
  • Cockpit in stainless steel AISI 304, equipped with a
  • perforated grid as soil and a bullet-drain valve placed
  • on the front side (on one side only).
  • Cockpit dimensions: 705x630xh155 mm, for GN containers up to 150mm
  • Crane for the filling of the tub, placed on the upper part
  • of the device.
  • Gas heating through stainless steel burners with stabilized flame
  • includes regulation by thermostatic valve adjustable from
  • 30 ° C to 90 ° C with safety thermocouple, automatic ignition
  • pilot equipped with piezo electric, control knob
  • athermal material (only on one side).
  • Safety thermostat in case of overheating, standard
  • including
  • Chimney for discharge of the combustion gases, in the longitudinal
  • placed on top of the back of the top. This gives the
  • possibility of working simultaneously on both sides.
  • Open cupboard underneath, "continuous"
  • Dimensions inside: 835x895xh355 mm.
  • Module -MONOBLOC-, on stainless steel adjustable feet
  • Construction of the frame: iron pipes treated against corrosion
  • Construction of the panels:
  • Top: Stainless steel AISI 304 18/10,
  • satin-finish surface
  • Front and sides: Stainless steel AISI 430
  • satin-finish surface
  • Back: Stainless steel AISI 430
  • satin-finish surface
  • Manufacture of top: welded, double
  • fender well
  • Thick steel plate hob: nine tenths of the
  • Device manufactured according to current CE regulations
  • Note: Supplied without GN pans
  • Of cupboard doors in option
  • Special feature of this series:
  • The connection between the two modules. All devices in this range
  • are provided with a lateral slot in which a stainless
  • steel plate can be slid so that the surface perfectly equal
  • is made and in order to prevent food particles from between the two
  • equipment falling.
  • mm (WxDxH): 900x1100xh850
  • kcal / h: 6000
  • kg: 130
  • M³: 1,28
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