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Right Slicer 834 Combisafe | to 14mm | DEKO Holland | Incl. Weighing unit | 625x585x460 (h) mm

€3.913,00 €3.170,00 Excl. tax €3.835,70 Incl. tax Bespaar €743,00 (19%)
Brand:DEKO Holland
Article number: 834Combisafe
Availability: In stock
Delivery time: 2/4 dagen
Garantie: 1 jaar on this product
Promotion from:15/11/2017 Untill 21/11/2017
This legal slicer cuts of thin slices to 14 mm. There is an integrated grinding unit: the knife can be easily cut. This machine has a durable and ergonomic design and easy operation. The 834 Combi Safe is the implementation of the 834 deposit box, and comes with a weighing unit.

Version as the Deko 834 Safe. In addition, equipped with an integrated weighing unit:
  • weighs 1000 grams: Layout 1 gram.
  • the weighing platform can be removed.
  • the tarreermogelijkheid is 100%.
  • not for trading purposes.

Technical data:
  • Material: Anodized aluminum, but stainless steel 303/304 for all parts that come into contact with food.
  • Footprint (L x W) 400 x 520 mm.
  • Outer dimensions: (L x W x H) 625 x 585 x 460 mm.
  • Size meat table (L x W) 220 x 250 mm. standard tilt and removable
  • Grinding unit: Removable and integrated into the cutting machine. The blade can be easily cut.
  • Automatic grinding option: When the grinding unit is lifted, the machine switches off. Pull the lever forward on the cutting unit and turn on the machine. After 30 seconds the machine stops and the knife is sharp again.
  • Additional energy savings: The machine switches off automatically when the meat table about 2 minutes is not moved. Shearer turns easily again from the starting position.
  • Cutting capacity: 195 mm. for round products.
    195 x 195 mm. for square products.
    240 x 195 mm. for rectangular products.
  • Blade Ø 296 mm.
  • Blade speed: 280 RPM. Especially hard chrome circle knife. Available in stainless steel, Teflon and jagged execution.
  • Thickness adjustment: 0-14 mm. infinitely adjustable.
  • Cleaning: knife plate, grinding unit, Koon and meat table are detachable.
  • Engine: 0,180 kW - one speed - belt drive.
    1400 RPM
    IP 23
  • Voltage: 230V - 50Hz 1 Phase 2.35 Amps
    400V - 50Hz 3 Phase 0.6 Amperes
    115V - 60Hz 1 Phase 4.5 Amperes
  • Noise level: <50 dB (A)
  • Weight: 48 Kg.
  • Complies with CE Directive 89/392 / EEC
    Safety - hygiene requirements EN 1974/1998
    EMC: 89/336 / EEC Low Voltage Directive: 73/23 / EEC
    TNO approval: 94 MI056 / 77 / ESLSOI for use by minors.
  • Warranty: 12 months after delivery. Does not cover parts subject to wear.
  • Extra security: When removing the meat table, it is not possible to switch on the motor. If the thickness setting is completely closed, the engine switches off automatically.
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