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Order online Witloft handmade aprons at XXLhoreca

Barber, mason or chief cook of Witloft aprons provide excellent protection. Witloft is still a relatively young company that started in 2014 with the development of handmade aprons of vegetable tanned leather. The bags and other leather attire Witloft have a cool appearance and are marked for attention to detail. Aprons are suitable for any professional Be it the hobby chef but can also be worn by the mason or carpenter. Check out our entire range Witloft aprons and products.

Through our extensive range of the best hospitality products from the best brands, XXLhoreca ensures that you are always in terms of value for money and that you benefit from discounts as high as 20%! When you order online XXLhoreca suspend all learn Witloft Witloft and other items at a very competitive price. Through our web shop takes you quickly within 72 hours of your Witloft items in the house.

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