High quality dishwashing Winterhalter for restaurants, bakeries and other intensive production

Winterhalter is a specialist in the field of professional dishwashing systems for the hospitality industry and numerous other sectors. Winterhalter Gastronom Netherlands BV, a subsidiary of the German parent company in '47 saw the light of day, was founded in 1967 and is based in Rijen. The dishwashing this versatile vaatwasfabrikant are ideal for the hospitality industry, professional bakeries and butchers through their smart waterontkalkingssytemen, speed, ease and efficiency. At XXLhoreca you will find both regular Winterhalter dishwashers as cutlery washing machines and glass washing machines but also a wide range of professional indexing washing machines and dishwashers for larger tools.

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Our extensive selection of the best catering equipment from the most renowned brands, XXLhoreca ensures that you are always in terms of value for money and that you benefit directly from reductions as high as 20%! When you order online XXLhoreca all Winterhalter dishwashing at a very competitive price including the maximum warranty. Through our web shop takes you quickly within 72 hours of your Winterhalter equipment at home.

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