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XXLhoreca the hospitality and professional microwaves microwaves Samsung

In numerous gourmet kitchens in the Netherlands are heated dishes with the catering microwaves Samsung, especially since this brand, in fact, the best value for money. These professional microwaves are both reliable and energy-efficient and available in various capacities and content. XXLhoreca in order to quickly and easily the best professional microwaves for large catering kitchen or small kitchen at home. These microwaves are the perfect answer to your expectations and already deliver within 24 hours.

The Samsung hospitality microwaves - ergonomic and affordable
With more than 1,000 watts of power and a capacity of more than 26 liters, fulfills a typical Samsung microwave fine for heating all kinds of food. The simple operation and high-quality materials makes the professional catering microwaves Samsung for years can bring. Very easy to clean and can be placed anywhere on the pitch, both in the professional kitchen in restaurants and hotels as well as in the small kitchen at home. On our Samsung microwave ovens you get outstanding 2-year warranty.

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