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Calor gas cylinders

Primagaz, a subsidiary of the global SHV Energy, delivers propane in bulk and in bottles for home, boat or camping, but also for example, "Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for businesses, industry and agriculture. Primagaz has a widespread distribution network throughout the Netherlands. The Calor gas cylinders with propane are also used for barbecues and cooking equipment are smart to read using an app and can now be ordered at XXLhoreca very attractive XXLkorting!

Through our extensive range of the best catering equipment from the most renowned brands, XXLhoreca ensures you something of value for money is always good. You benefit from discounts as high as 20%! When you order online XXLhoreca all Calor gas bottles for the best prices! Through our webshop unplug rapidly within 72 hours of your Calor gas bottles in the house.

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