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Professional Cooling of Gamko

Since 1958, the manufacturing of Dutch origin Gamko professional refrigeration. The company (anno 2016) has 120 employees and is active worldwide. Not bad for a company that started out making a few barkoelers in a shed in Breda. Today Gamko offers a wide range of refrigeration equipment such as bottle-, fusten-, beer coolers and waste. Like many Dutch companies are Gamko strong in inventing new technology to apply it then directed its products. This means a continuous quality improvement and ensures that Gamko always anticipating new developments in the industry. Today Gamko is also a well-known player when it comes to specialized bard sign.

Our extensive selection of the best catering equipment from the most renowned brands, XXLhoreca ensures that you are always in terms of value for money and that you benefit directly from reductions as high as 20%! When you order online XXLhoreca all Gamko barkoelingen and refrigeration equipment at a very competitive price including the maximum warranty. Through our web shop takes you quickly within 72 hours of your Gamko cooling systems in the home.

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Gamko parts - each part of the brand Gamko for sale
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Taking back old bar fridge when buying a new Gamko Drinks chiller
€150,00 €100,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 24/72 uur
Buffet Journal RVS | Gamko ST GL30 | 500x300mm | STAR-Line
€324,00 €265,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 24/48 uur
Buffet Journal RVS | Gamko ST GL60 | 500x600mm | STAR-Line
€366,00 €300,00
  • Garantie: 1 Jaar
  • Delivery time: 24/48 uur